Transform your city,
turn small steps
into big change.

Cities are growing like never
before. The people living there are
the key to sustainable progress.

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    How does City
    Currency work?


    Reward residents for
    good deeds

    City rewards residents volunteering their time to good causes with City Currency.


    Residents make
    transactions at local

    Residents use City Currency to shop at local merchants, use gyms, swimming pools and leisure centers.


    Local businesses pay
    for city services

    Businesses can use City Currency to pay
    for municipal services and city events.

    Enjoyed across
    the city

    Why is City

    Rewards good deeds

    Citizens earn City Currency for actions benefiting the
    greater good. It can be used at local businesses, city
    events, municipal services and more.

    People focused

    Growing urbanization requires innovative solutions. Imagine a truly shared city, working together with residents to achieve common goals.

    Drives growth

    A shared City Currency enables residents, local businesses and city partners to generate city-wide economic development together.

    Enhances city life

    Good will is hard to scale. But, incentives motivate actions. City Currency rewards residents advancing the city agenda – From a greener lifestyle, to healthier living, to any change beyond.

    Finally, it pays to
    do good

    City Currency fuels the local
    economy with a circular financial
    ecosystem. And by rewarding
    social-minded behavior, City
    Currency motivates residents to
    make a positive change to the city.


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